The 140 meter tall Moleskine tower (and other #MoleskineFacts)

The official Moleskine Instagram @Moleskine_World recently reached 10.000 followers. That’s not a bad achievement for a new account like ours.

10.000 followers should make for at least 10.000 notebooks, right? If all our Instagram followers joined forces and stacked their notebooks one on top of another, we’d have a 140 meter tall #Moleskinetower. The tallest Moleskine tower ever constructed would be even taller than the London Eye, Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel.

Assuming all of our 10.000 followers had a large-sized notebook, if we lined them all up together we’d get a 2100 meter long line of Moleskine notebooks. That’s roughly 6890 feet, three times as much as the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

If they each had a pocket-sized notebook instead, the line would measure 1400 meters, or 4593 feet – the length of about 5 Eiffel towers.

If we were to line up 10.000 open pocket-sized notebooks next to each other, they would cover 1800 meters (5905 feet), more than the Missisippi river at its widest point. If we did it with 10.000 open large-sized notebooks instead, it would take you over 30 minutes to walk past them.

Do you have other #MoleskineFacts you’d like to share with us? Tell us in the comment section below!