Moleskine Author A Month April – Ray Eng

With the fan vote in, canadian sketcher Ray Eng has been selected as our April Author A Month. Moleskine fans loved his artwork on myMoleskine, but when we reached out to Ray to write this feature, little did we know he had just started drawing again after 20 years.

Rabbits, by Ray Eng

Ray, what are your favorite art tools?

I’m out most of the time and tend to sketch while on coffee breaks or waiting for the train. So I usually only take art tools that fit inside my pocket – a pen and a Moleskine Sketchbook.

Do you remember your first experience with Moleskine?

It was ‘love at first sight’. I loved the paper quality and how ink wouldn’t smear or bleed through. I especially loved how it would open out flat, making it ideal for sketching and scanning.

My first experience with Moleskine certainly wasn’t my last…I have a tower of sketchbooks that are all Moleskines.

What is the idea behind “Rabbits”?

I was drawing a lot and noticed that I was filling up sketchbooks very quickly. My Moleskines were ‘breeding like rabbits…’

Rabbits, by Ray Eng


Tell us something about yourself! 

For a very long time I had stopped drawing.

Then last summer I met a group of artists who were spending their vacation outdoors painting and sketching. It was very inspiring and made me realize how much I missed drawing. Instead of trying to figure out why I stopped, I decided to pick up a sketchbook and started doodling. And I haven’t stopped since!

A quote for inspiration you would like to share with everyone?

Many artists say this… But it seems to work:  “Draw. Draw. Draw.”


Thanks for sharing, Ray! If you like his work, make sure to download the “Rabbits” sleeve and bookmark templates we made out of his sketch “Rabbits”. Available for free here.