New York City Stories – Meet the Urban Sketchers

The May 17th appointment with Moleskine New York City Stories is getting closer, and is looking to be a great celebration of sketching and art as a whole. Visitors at the Time Warner and Soho Moleskine Stores will have the chance to sketch their favorite corners of the city and exhibit their work in-store, try out the Moleskine Art Collection, and hone their craft through free learning sessions by 4 accomplished artists from the global collective Urban Sketchers.

Let’s take a look at our special guests and get a small anticipation on their learning sessions.

Richard Alomar is the co-founder of NYC Urban Sketchers, an assistant professor of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University, and founder of the Urban Field Studio in New York. He’s going to showcase his use of sketching as a means to capture and document daily moments, as well as his experience as an Urban Sketcher.

Jason Das is Urban Sketchers’ President, and he’s going discuss the uncontrollable factors that make urban sketching such a special challenge: weather, lighting, traffic, strangers, etc. – as well as a discussion of the mission, history, and activities of the Urban Sketchers nonprofit.

Josiah Hanchett is a professional artist with a lot of travel experience under his belt. Having visited a big number of cities and famous sites, he grew a taste in architecture and honed his craft as an architecture sketcher. Josiah’s Learning Session will be about his way of recording  locations, people and landmarks in sketchbooks, as well as ways of sharing sketches online and receiving feedback from users and artists from around the world.

 Custom House Wharf by Suma CM

Suma CM is an editor, writer and artist who enjoys exploring the world and capturing its moments in various media. Her work is featured at specialty shops in Philadelphia, New York City, and London. Her Learning Session will be about the joys and challenges of on-location sketching, capturing gestures quickly, looking for people who might repeat a pose, and various styles of marks and experimenting with different media.

Book your free learning session at the Soho Moleskine store, or at the Time Warner Moleskine store.