New York City Stories – A celebration of Sketching

The first episode of Moleskine City Stories in New York City is a wrap. It was the fun day we predicted it to be, as the Moleskine stores in New York City were taken over and turned into a sketcher’s paradise.

Moleskine City Stories in New York

A full day of exploring and sketching the streets of the city, dozens of Moleskine Sketch Album given away, and 4 artists from Urban Sketchers sharing hints and tips.

“A day of sketching along with the learning sessions was fantastic. The process of teaching is also a process of learning, and I got to learn so much” said Urban Sketcher Richard Alomar. “I learned about about how people love to draw – no matter what they think – and how important it is to take time to sit down and observe the world around us”

Richard Alomar at Moleskine City Stories New York City

I used to live very close to the SoHo store, so I know what a wonderful neighborhood it is, sunny, alive and truly urban”. Richard also shared his bit of motivational wisdom: “all it takes is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and ‘corre l’immaginazione'”.

Moleskine City Stories in New York City

Take a look at the best shots from the day, here.

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