“I am Here!” – a Creativity Challenge

Of the great book that is the world, one must read as many pages as she can.

We firmly believe that travelling can make you richer. This is why we decided to celebrate the launch of the new Moleskine Voyageur – the travellers’ notebook – with a special edition of the Moleskine Creativity Challenge titled “I am Here”.

The final prize is a Moleskine travel supply, guaranteed to make your next journey a memorable one.

All it takes to enter is:

  • a camera, or any mobile phone that takes photos
  • the “I am Here” Voyageur sign (available here in the “Voyageur” section, or on the back of the paperband of the Voyageur notebook) 
  • one good destination. Or more. 

To enter the Creativity Challenge, take the “I am Here” sign with you on the road while you travel, and use it to show us where you’ve been. Just like this:

Once you’ve taken your photo, post it here with the tag #M_iamhere, and you’re good to go! You obviously can upload as many destinations as you want, and if you’re unsure how to do it, simply watch the Voyageur video for inspiration.

Good luck, and bon Voyage!