“Draw Really Boring Things” introducing Moleskine Author A Month June – Sue Harding

It is not often that a myMoleskine contributor gets the nod as Moleskine Author A Month after less than a month worth of submissions, but London-based urban sketcher Sue Harding achieved such feat with ease, winning the award with a wide margin.

We reached out to Sue to learn a little more about her life and art. What we found was an unusual story, and some very inspiring sketching tips.

“I am 72, and graduated as a very mature student, in 1995. After that I ran a local charity, and only discovered sketching 3 years ago. After that, I joined Urban Sketchers, Drawing London on Location and Cafe Sketchers, and also began doing a lot of sketching on my own. 

Sue, who sketches on Moleskine watercolor, still remembers her first experience with Moleskine:

“My sister, who is a painter, introduced me to Moleskine. Since then, all I use for sketching is a 2b pencil, a carbon pen, double-ended markers and a Moleskine Watercolor album. The current one came from the Urban Sketchers symposium in Barcelona last year”.

It is never too late to pick up art and Sue’s work is proof. When we asked her advice to young artists, the answer was nothing short of amazing.

“Keep trying. Don’t worry about inspiration. Get out of your comfort zone, draw really boring things. Draw really challenging things. If you think your drawings are no good, it doesn’t matter – they can only get better!”

To honor Sue Harding’s work, we created a custom sleeve and bookmark template from her sketch “Market and Royal Arsenal Gateway” free to download from the “Workshops” section.

If you’d like to be considered as our next Moleskine Author A Month, simply upload your work to myMoleskine. Good luck, and have fun!