July Author A Month – Judith Alsop Miles

Thanks to everybody who voted for our July Author A Month! It’s been a close call, decided by a measly 2 votes. and we are honored to announce that our latest Author A Month is Judith Alsop Miles from Saddleworth, England.

We caught up with Judith for a couple questions about her work, life and her love for Moleskine.

I am a translator by profession, but have always drawn and painted in my spare time. In 2011, while I was living in France, I discovered Urban Sketchers. I got a sketchbook and started drawing regularly, filling my sketchbooks with scenes of southern France.

Rug Airing at La Mouline

After leaving France, even the subjects of her art broadened.

Now that I am back home in Saddleworth, I have the opportunity to capture a mixture of urban and rural subjects, with the industrial heritage of the northwest on one side and the villages and open expanses of the Yorkshire Moors on the other.

White Washing - Judith Alsop Miles

We asked Judith about her art tools, and found out she is a Moleskine fan.

After I had been sketching for about a year, I bought a Moleskine A5 watercolour sketchbook because I knew that many Urban Sketchers were very happy with it. I instantly loved the grain and weight of the watercolour paper. Now it is my sketchbook of choice for rural landscapes in particular.

I most often use ink and watercolour in my sketchbooks. I use a fineliner pen with permanent ink and a small palette box of 12 artist’s grade watercolours.

Castleton, Peak District - by Judith Alsop Miles

We then wondered about the story behind “Castleton, Peak District”, her winning artwork.

On a visit to the picturesque Derbyshire village of Castleton in July, I was struck by the view from the village green, along the narrow street crossed by deep shadows with the green hills of the Peak District in the background.

Judith left us with an inspiring quote: “Creativity is not a marathon event that we must gird ourselves for, whacking off great swaths of life as we know it to make room for it. Creativity is not aberrant, not dramatic, not dangerous. If anything, it is the pent-up energy of not using our creativity that feels that way.” Julia Cameron

You can check out more of Judith’s amazing work on her website as well as her Facebook and Flickr accounts.