Moleskine Author A Month – August Finalists

Just like every month, we selected the three most prolific contributors on myMoleskine, and you get to choose the next Author A Month. If you want to be considered for next month’s edition, simply head on to the myMoleskine website, and upload your Moleskine artworks.

And with that, on to the finalists!

"Watercolor Notebooks", submitted by Rembrantus
“Watercolor Notebooks”, contributed by Rembrantus

Watercolor Notebooks – contributed by Rembrantus

Sugar Cove Cemetery - submitted by Robin Carnes
“Sugar Cove Cemetery”, contributed by Robin Carnes

Sugar Cove Cemetery – contributed by Robin Carnes

There Will Come a Time - contributed by Solaleh Kazemi
“There Will Come a Time” – contributed by Solaleh Kazemi

There will come a Time – contributed by Solaleh Kazemi

Which submission gets your vote? Pick your favorite here.

Were these your three favorite August artworks? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.