Moleskine City Stories, London – Just get out and draw!

The second edition of Moleskine City Stories is in the books. This time, we took over Covent Garden, one of London’s most fascinating neighborhoods, in a day-long sketching party alongside the artists of the global collective Urban Sketchers.

Moleskine Stories London

For a whole day, artists and amateurs alike explored the grounds of Covent Garden sketchbook in hand, drawing and picking up hints and tips from 4 Urban Sketchers giving free learning sessions at the Covent Garden Moleskine Store and London Graphic Centre.

View the full Moleskine City Stories photo album on Flickr.

“The place was buzzing right from the start, with people all lined up to receive their sketchbooks and take part in the first learning session of the day” recalls Urban Sketcher Adebanji Alade. “It was great to see how enthusiastic the participants were, to gain some knowledge and socialize at the same time with other sketchers who have a common passion.”

Moleskine Stories London - Idebanji Alade

“Having Moleskine City Stories in and around Covent Garden was ideal because as well as being home to busy, well known London scenes, it also has overlooked back streets, quiet courtyards and quirky buildings that are great to draw” chimed Urban Sketcher James Hobbs.

Moleskine Stories London - James Hobbs

“It attracted a wonderful diversity of people with a great range of approaches, ages and levels of experience, but all united by getting out with their sketchbooks and getting connected. It was a fantastic learning experience – for me, as well” continued James Hobbs.

A day filled with excitement and creativity, where drawing wasn’t always limited to traditional media. Urban Sketcher Andrea Joseph said it best: “there are no rules when it comes to creating. Just get out and draw.”

Moleskine Stories London