My Analog Cloud wins Best Online Game at Digital Communication Awards 2014


A few months back, we introduced My Analog Cloud, the first online game created by Moleskine. It was enthusiastically received by gamers and pundits alike, and today we’re glad to announce that My Analog Cloud received the Prize for Best Online Game at the 2014 Digital Communication Awards in Berlin.

Hosted by the Quadriga University in Berlin, the Digital Communication Awards honors the greatest achievements of the year in the digital world, and is widely regarded as one of the preeminent digital awards in Europe.

The concept behind the My Analog Cloud game is a simple yet powerful one. The things we decide to carry with us define our personality, and choosing the items to pack in our bags for the day is an identity statement that we make every morning.

Have you ever played My Analog Cloud? Try it here.


It’s the same vision that inspired the myCloud bag Collection, the range of Moleskine bags inspired by the digital cloud and defined by what is inside. An analog, anti-hack cloud storage system.

The myCloud bags are filled with pockets, compartments and loops and designed with such level of detail that you can fill them with everything and anything that makes you you. A new collection of myCloud bags just launched this week, in the new moss green color. You can check it out on the Moleskine website.