The best from the “I am Here” Creativity Challenge

Last month, we decided to celebrate the launch of the new Moleskine Voyageur notebook with a Creativity Challenge titled “I am Here”. The initiative asked travellers to showcase their summer wanderings, using the Voyageur “I am Here” sign or the downladable paper template.

We were ready for some great entries, but this time the results went beyond our expectations.

Dozens of Moleskine travellers shared amazing pictures from over 30 countries spread across 6 different continents, each with a great story to tell. You can view them all on myMoleskine or on our Pinterest Board.

However, a few of these really caught our eye. Longtime myMoleskine contributor Hanna Maresfin figured a photo just wouldn’t cut it, and added a drawing of the landscape before her eyes.

Jakarta - shared by Hanna Maresfin
Jakarta – shared by Hanna Maresfin

Some participants, like Puja Patel, even made their own DIY “I am Here” signs. Puja entered from Panama with a handmade sign.

Panama City - shared by Puja Patel
Panama City – shared by Puja Patel

Some others, like 8delta8, went DIY as well – only digitally. She posed in the breathtaking landscape of the Tsingy Nature Reserve in Madagascar, and only added the “I am Here” sign afterwards – on Photoshop. Hats off to that!

Tsingy Nature Reserve - shared by 8delta8
Tsingy Nature Reserve – shared by 8delta8

One last mention goes to Summer, who was forced to put off the actual travelling due to some very bad luck. However, she stayed positive and still entered the Creativity Challenge from home. Get well soon, Summer!

I am Here - shared by Summer Threlkeld
“Life after the accident” – shared by Summer Threlkeld

Travelling isn’t just for the summertime, and the “I am Here” project will go on even after the Creativity Challenge is closed. To join, simply post your picture on Instagram with the tag #M_iamhere and let us know where you are. Just like this: