The Best from the “In Case of Loss” Creativity Challenge

For our last Creativity Challenge, we asked you to show us what you’d give for your notebook if you ever happened to lose it. As it turns out, some people really get creative on the “In Case of Loss” page of their notebooks, with rewards ranging all the way from eternal gratitude to lapdance or bitcoin (!).

Here are some of the best ones.


In Case of Loss -  Batman by StavrosEven Atmosfrozen, our Author of the Month last march, shared his reward.

In Case of Loss - Atmosfrozen

Someone else might have taken it a step to far.

In Case of Loss - 3 Kids

You can see the rest of the entries on Pinterest. 

What is on the “In Case of Loss” page of your notebook? Share it on myMoleskine or Instagram with the tag #M_incaseofloss.