Meet the Moleskine Evernote Planner

If you are familiar with The Moleskine Evernote 2015 Planner, you should already know it has plenty of ways to help you make 2015 your most productive year to date.

Sure, this much potential can prove confounding to some, so we laid out some of its main features to help you make the most of it.

moleskine evernote planner_5 (Copia)

  • The celebrated Moleskine weekly layout: a dated page on the left to see your whole week at a glance, and a ruled page on the right for longer notes. In the back, an interior pocket to archive business cards, tickets, and the like.
  • If you have a really busy day in the week to come, you can check the tick box on the day’s page, and you’ll receive an alert of all your most important tasks on Evernote.
  • Like every other notebook in the Evernote Collection, you can use the app’s camera to scan and digitize your notes straight into Evernote.
  • Smart Stickers help you organize different kind of notes and appointments: if you wish to keep work notes separated from the home ones, simply tag them with different stickers and capture them in Evernote, where they’ll automatically be organized by tag.
  • You don’t need to transcribe your notes. Evernote will recognize your handwriting, so you can search and find your notes and appointments them by entering a single word, then share them with anyone on your team as needed.
  • The Evernote Planner comes with three complimentary months of Evernote Premium, where you get extra Evernote features like presentation mode, 4x larger note size, and offline access to all your content on mobile devices.

 You can learn more about augmented weekly planning on the official Moleskine website.