An Author A Month – Mariasun Salgado

Thanks to everybody who took the time to vote for our Author of the Month this week. We’re happy to finally announce our winner, Mariasun Salgado all the way from Madrid, Spain!

An award-winning architect with a passion for graphic arts and design, Mariasun is a multi-faceted talent. We caught up with her to learn more about her life and art.

“I earned a Master and a PhD in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and since 2001 I have worked as a university lecturer especially in the field of Drawing.”

In fact, architecture seems to permeate Mariasun’s art throughout.

“My art is strongly influenced by the conflicts generated between architecture and its environments, especially those stemming from urban massification and the concept of hyper-density.”

Boasting a very distinctive style, Mariasun’s art communicates through “a hybrid graphical language and escapes both realism and abstraction” and a similarly complex approach shows through her winning artwork, “New Materiality”.

New Materiality

“New Materiality” is about the process of creating my own work of art, how something apparently simple gets more and more complicated”

A Moleskine sketchbook is the canvas upon which her creations come to life.

“I usually start drawing sketches in my Moleskine that become complete works or part of them. I think I started using Moleskine books at the beginning of my university studies, and used them ever since as travel journals and to sketch architectures,”

As a teacher, Mariasun knows very well the path to improvement is paved with mistakes. “One of my favorite’s quotes came from Miguel de Unamuno: The way to hammer a nail implies hitting the horseshoe a hundred times”.

I think making mistakes is one of the most important experiences for an artist. It is the only way to keep improving.”

Just like every Author of the Month, we are honoring Mariasun’s work with a custom Bookmark and Sleeve template made out of her piece “New Materiality”. You can find them in the “Author A Month” template section in myMoleskine, free and ready to assemble with just a little handmaking!


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