Moleskine X TED2015: Join the #IdeasNoted Conversation

Anticipated as the most provocative, invigorating, mind-shifting TED yet, the next TEDGlobal conference (planned for 16-20 March in Vancouver) really is one you should look forward to.

For the first time, Moleskine will participate in a TED conference as a media partner, and is asking you to join the event with your own voice. Here is how.


Starting today throughout the conference, Moleskine will be collecting responses to questions about the way ideas are generated (and noted down), to capture contemporary creativity as it happens.

TED speakers and attendees will give their take, and we’re inviting you to do the same.

Follow @Moleskine on Twitter and be ready for the questions that will be posted with #IdeasNoted, and write your own response.

Here are a few of the questions:

  • How can commuting be turned into a creative opportunity?
  • How do you deal with ideas coming to you at an inconvenient time?
  • How can note-taking be more fun?
  • Are email and texting a new form of literature?
  • In the future, will we think faster or slower?

We’ll be looking at every contribution, and the best one for each question will receive a special box full of Moleskine items. We’re looking forward to hearing your voice, so have fun, and good luck!

Keep track of the #IdeasNoted conversation.

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