An Author a Month – Pietro Cataudella

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for this edition of An Author a Month! We’re excited to introduce our winner: Pietro Cataudella, an extremely gifted young sketcher hailing all the way from Sicily. Pietro’s art was a hit on myMoleskine, as he was elected with a staggering 40-vote margin!

We had a nice chat with Pietro, who had plenty to share about his life, craft, and art projects.


“I am no full-time artist. Rather, a full-time student. That’s why I moved from Sicily to Pisa, to pursue a degree in Geophysics.

“University is where I got my first Moleskine notebook, that was actually used for note-taking while editing my bachelor’s thesis. After that, many more came, and I used them for sketching landscapes and architecture, drawing with pencils or pens as well as watercolour.”


Pietro’s sketch of Keith Haring’s “Tuttomondo” was one of the most popular uploads on myMoleskine.

“This work represents a beautiful wall-painting (the biggest one in Europe). It was made by Keith Haring in 1989, on the outside of the rectory of Sant’Antonio Abate’s church in Pisa, Italy. I loved its bright colours, and its unique location”

This sketch is part of a project Pietro called “CityLiveSketch”, an ongoing series of urban sketches photographed on the location, which you can follow on his Instagram account.

If you want to be considered for the next month’s edition, simply head on to myMoleskine and submit your artworks.