Moleskine X TED 2015 – the best #IdeasNoted responses

Our first stint at TED2015 is a wrap. Needless to say, we had a blast on our first time around at a TED Conference, by a long shot one of the most exciting events of the year.

As you might already know, we joined TED2015 and started a week-long conversation on how ideas are born, developed, and noted.

We decided to extend the invitation to everyone that wasn’t attending the converence with the hashtag #IdeasNoted, and the initiative gained momentum and turned into a collective Twitter conversation, with hundreds of responses throughout the event and beyond.

Here are the best answers we got from the 5 first questions.

In the future, will we think faster or slower?


Are e-mail and texts a new form of literature?



How can commuting be turned into a creative opportunity?


How do you deal with ideas coming to you at an inconvenient time?


How can note-taking be more fun?


Congratulations to Dustin Hite, Indigo Pen, Lynn Reynolds, Scrapunzel and Ewan mcGee for penning our favorite responses, and be on the lookout for more: TED2015 may have come to a close, but the #IdeasNoted conversation is far from over.

Be ready for more questions, and keep on using #IdeasNoted to share your thoughts on how deas are born, developed, and noted.