An Author a Month – Anna Rastorgueva

A great thank you to everyone who helped us choose our Author of the Month. This one has been a very tight race, as Anna Rastorgueva won by a single vote!

A full-time graphic designer from Moscow, Russia, Anna is a prolific sketcher and a fine observer of simple, natural subjects. Plants, birds, or even food  – Anna draws the way many of us take photographs.

Camelia - by Anna Rastorgueva
Camelia – by Anna Rastorgueva

“I first started sketching in a Moleskine sketchbook after traveling to Cambodia and Thailand. I was amazed at all aspects of life in that part of the world, so I stopped taking photos and started drawing pictures of everything that surrounded me during those days. Pictures retain the essence of impression much better than photos do.”

Anna drew “Camelia”, the winning artwork, as part of her study of botanical illustration, and is currently at work on a project of themed sketches on Moleskine Passion Journals.

“At the moment I am working on 7 theme-based books, and I have already finished about 10 of them, such as the Baby journal, Recipe journal, or the Travel journal”

Gingerbread recipe - by Anna Rastorgueva
Gingerbread recipe – by Anna Rastorgueva

Just like her art, Anna likes to keep her tools simple.

“I’ve tried a lot of techniques and materials, and now I’m very conservative – I use copic multiliners, copic original markers and Moleskine journals”

We asked Anna an advice she would give to a young artist.

“The best advice for an artist, in my opinion, is a quote by Salvador Dali, who said “If you are an artist, you shall draw“. The takeaway here is: just practice, do it everyday – success will find you.