Moleskine X Star Wars Day 2015

For die-hard fans, every day is Star Wars day. If there’s a time where all the world joins in though, that time is now.

Starting May 4th (an easy pun off “May the 4th be with you”), Star Wars lovers and aficionados all around the world celebrate their fandom, and Moleskine is joining right in with a brand new Creativity Challenge dedicated to the saga.

Moleskine x Star Wars Day


The call-to-create is simple, yet not so easy: illustrate your favorite, most epic Star Wars quote, and upload it to myMoleskine. You can write, photograph, paint, draw as many Star Wars quotes as you wish, so long as you tag your images with #M_StarWarsDay.

Once you’ve uploaded your image, be sure to tell your friends to drop by and vote, as we’ll be selecting the best entry among the 3 most voted submissions.

The author of the best submission will have a box filled with Moleskine papery goodness, including a surprise Moleskine Star Wars treat delivered right to their door.

Have fun, and good luck!