5 Quirky Questions to: Alex Pachikov from Evernote

Great minds might think alike, but most of them don’t work the same way.

We set out on a journey to discover the secrets of the work of the people behind the most innovative companies and organizations in the world.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be catching up with outside-the-box thinkers and professionals that balance their work life on a savvy mix of digital and analog tools.

Introducing our first guest, Alex Pachikov, VP of partnerships at Evernote.


What can technology learn from paper?
Durability, portability, battery life and sharing.

Who do you owe the most to among the following: Johannes Gutenberg, Alexander Graham Bell, Lumière Brothers?
Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the phone, that eventually became a portable, always-connected computer that makes it possible for me not to use a phone.

Honest answer: how long could you last in an offline, tech-free environment?
Probably a few days, or until I lose track of time.

What do you feel when you look at a blank page (paper, screen, etc)?
I feel that it might be taking too long to load.

What’s your best productivity tip you’d like to show the world?
If you could only do 1 thing today, what would that be? Only do that that one thing.