Author of the Month May – Tom Joyce

Thanks to everyone who helped us choose our new Author of the Month.

Our featured artist this month is British illustrator Tom Joyce, one of the most prolific artists on myMoleskine this year. After contributing with a handful of very popular artworks, Tom finally took home the prize with a wide margin.

Tom joyce 4

A freelance illustrator based in the United Kingdom, Tom Joyce has a lifelong passion for drawing.
“I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I draw, the world is at my fingertips and nothing is impossible, there are no restrictions to what I can create.”

Tom has a penchant for detailed, imaginative characters, and fills Moleskine pages with literally hundreds of them.

“Many of my Moleskine illustrations come from experimenting. I love to empty my mind onto a sketchbook page, and seeing how much detail I can fill one page with. Plus monsters are amazing to draw.”


Unlike his complex artworks, Tom’s tool kit is very simple.

“I draw with Uni Ball Pin Black Technical Drawing Marker Pen 0.1mm, and a Moleskine Sketchbook.”

“I was given my first Moleskine Sketchbook as a gift for my birthday one year. It was small enough for me to take it everywhere and I was compelled to fill every page. From then on, I have had a Moleskine addiction and now have over 20 in my collection, from pocket size to A3.”

We closed our chat by asking Tom for an inspirational quote to share with Moleskinerie readers, and this is what we got:Quotation