Halfway Through 2015

half-wayWe are officially halfway through 2015.

Six months have passed, and we enter a special time of year. The bookmark is around the Summer Solstice, and a new season begins. The days are longest, and midsummer bonfires light up the northern nights.

All around the world, planners are half full.
It is the perfect time to look to the six months ahead, and reflect on the ones already behind us.

To celebrate this time of year, a new Creativity Challenge has started on the Moleskine website, asking you to show your diary or notebook at the halfway mark of 2015.

Just like every Creativity Challenge, if your submission is the best among the three most voted ones, you’ll receive a box filled with Moleskine treats, delivered right to your doorstep. More than one entry can be submitted, as long as you use the tag #M_halfwaythrough.

Have fun, and good luck!