Author of the Month June – Josefina Jolly

After a few days of scheduled maintenance, it is time to pick up right where we left off with  another edition of An Author A Month.

This month’s winner is a young, multi-talented artist hailing all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina. A world traveller with a knack for on-location sketching, Josefina Jolly took home the prize by a wide margin. We caught up with her to learn more about her art, and here’s what she told us.

“I work full time at a local airline, and spend my lunch breaks sketching the buildings around town. When I am travelling, I like to get away from the crowds and sit somewhere quiet to draw the sites.”

Josefina sketches on a Moleskine Watercolour album from the Art Plus Collection, but doesn’t use watercolours: instead, she prefers 0.05mm black drawing pens.


Sketching isn’t Josefina’s only talent either.

“The first thing I did on my very first Moleskine sketchbook was to draw a recipe. Some time later, that drawing became a book of illustrated recipies, also shaped as a sketchbook, which I called Cocinar y Dibujar.” 

As an avid traveller, Josefina has contributed to myMoleskine with a number of artworks from her trips. That is the case of”Pisa”, one of her most popular artworks.

josefina - pisa


“Last spring I visited Pisa, Italy, and while I was working on my sketch I noticed that I was the only one there not involved in a “let’s hold the leaning tower” selfie attempt. But that only lasted for so long, as a group of Australian students saw me drawing and started taking selfies holding the tower in my sketchbook instead. I wish I had those pictures”.

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