Ritsuko Miyake – from Moleskine Artwork to Real-Life Work of Art

Most ideas are born as a sketch on the paper.

Not every idea though eventually makes it as finished project. That’s why we love watching an idea come full circle, from the page to a finished work of art.

Enter japanese artist Ritsuko Miyake.

If you are familiar with myMoleskine you probably remember Ritsuko, a longtime contributor whose beautiful, pointillism-inspired pieces earned her an Author of the Month award last year. Her work was also featured in the Author a Month Photo Book, which you can view and flip through the digital version here.

A few weeks back, Ritsuko used “Curiosity” and “Bull”, her very first artworks on myMoleskine, to apply for the Japanese edition of Cowparade (the world-famous public art event where the shape of a cow is used as an art canvas for accomplished and local artists).

That’s the last we heard until a few days ago we received a message by Ritsuko herself, saying her two artworks had won, and she had been selected in the official Cowparade artist line-up.

That’s what we call great news: a young artist whose work went from the Moleskine page to the myMoleskine Gallery, all the way to the largest public art event in the world.

Congratulations, Ritsuko! We’re proud of your work, and can’t wait to see more on myMoleskine. Who knows what good things the future has in store for you?



Here she is, turning her Moleskine artwork into a real-life work of art.


Do you know about other Moleskine artworks coming to life as published pieces or works of art? Has your Moleskine artwork gone on to be published? We’d love to hear more stories like Ritsuko’s, so if you got one, feel free to share it with us at moleskinerie@moleskine.com