Author of the Month – Junkyard Sam

Thank you to everybody who helped us choose our new Author of the Month. After submitting some of the most popular artworks on myMoleskine in recent months, Seattle-based illustrator Junkyard Sam took home the award in a landslide, and we couldn’t wait to find out more about his life and craft.

As it turns out, Sam is a professional digital artist with a love for classic art tools.

“I am a User Interace designer on a popular fantasy video game. At work you see people all the time with Moleskine sketchbooks  – we even received them as gifts last Christmas!

I love fountain pens, and my workhorse is a Pilot Falcon armed with Noodler’s bulletproof inks. These inks are water resistant, so I can paint right over the line work and the ink stays put.

My go-to sketchbook is the Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook. My fountain pens won’t bleed through it and it even takes light watercolor washes on both sides of each page without a problem!

Paulo[1]Sam’s appreciation for Moleskine goes way beyond the quality of the paper.

Creating art can be lonely, but there’s something magical about working in a Moleskine.  You feel somehow connected to other creatives who work in them, too.”


“Online there’s a whole social network to be a part of with myMoleskine and using the #Moleskine hashtag on Twitter & Instagram.  When I search the hashtag I discover great artists, urban sketchers, writers, and sketch journalists all over the world.  

This community is a giant, super-friendly worldwide party where one minute you’re working in your own Moleskine and the next you’re looking to see what everyone else is doing in theirs. Super creative, super social, super fun!”


Sam mentioned his kids as a great source of inspiration, so when we asked him for a quote for inspiration, he had no doubts.

“What do you mean ‘learn how to draw?’ I already know how to draw. I can draw anything.”

– My 6 year old.

To honor Sam’s work, we created custom sleeve and bookmark MSK templates out of his artwork “All Sun No Storm”, free to download from the “An Author A Month” templates section in myMoleskine.

Would you like to be considered for next month’s edition? Simply head on over to myMoleskine and submit your Moleskine art.