Author of the Month – June

A big thank you to everyone who has been sharing their artworks on myMoleskine last month. We looked at every one of the over 200 submissions we published and narrowed down the 3 most active artists on our gallery, to bring your three … Continue reading

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Ritsuko Miyake – from Moleskine Artwork to Real-Life Work of Art

Most ideas are born as a sketch on the paper. Not every idea though eventually makes it as finished project. That’s why we love watching an idea come full circle, from the page to a finished work of art. Enter … Continue reading

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Halfway Through 2015

We are officially halfway through 2015. Six months have passed, and we enter a special time of year. The bookmark is around the Summer Solstice, and a new season begins. The days are longest, and midsummer bonfires light up the northern nights. All … Continue reading

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Moleskine at Adobe Creative Jam in San Francisco

What happens when you gather some of the most talented designers from a city and have them square off in a creative tournament? That’s what we set out to find out, when Moleskine participated in the latest Adobe Creative Jam in San … Continue reading

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Author of the Month May – Tom Joyce

Thanks to everyone who helped us choose our new Author of the Month. Our featured artist this month is British illustrator Tom Joyce, one of the most prolific artists on myMoleskine this year. After contributing with a handful of very popular … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful Moleskine Portraits on myMoleskine

Ever since its inception, myMoleskine has been a go-to destination for Moleskine artists and lovers who were looking to showcase their talent, join Creativity Challenges or simply look for some inspiration. At well over 40000 published artworks, myMoleskine truly has some hidden gems. As we … Continue reading

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5 Quirky Questions to: Alex Pachikov from Evernote

Great minds might think alike, but most of them don’t work the same way. We set out on a journey to discover the secrets of the work of the people behind the most innovative companies and organizations in the world. … Continue reading

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An Author A Month – May Finalists

Thanks to everybody who shared their art on myMoleskine last month. We received over 200 submissions in May, with plenty of new artists joining in from every corner of the world. Just like every month, we narrowed down the most prolific … Continue reading

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Rian Johnson’s Moleskine notebook with the Star Wars Episode VII Script

A few days ago, Star Wars director Rian Johnson posted a tweet about the script writing process of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens. A fan asked Rian if the movie had been written in a Moleskine notebook, … Continue reading

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Author of the Month April – Fede Tessa

Thank you to everybody who helped us choose our new Author of the Month. This one has been a tight race, but with all your votes in, we’re excited to finally announce our winner: Federico Tessa, all the way from … Continue reading

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