The Mowallet

From Mike Rohde, the neat and nifty Mowallet:) "For years I carried a pocket Moleskine notebook and a wallet everywhere I went.  Combined with a cell phone, keys, a pen and whatever else I needed to have on me 24/7,... Read More


UnCrated: Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio

"Wet weather is forecast to persist over the eastern USA on Friday as a strong system continued tracking through the country" Our favorite notebook should be warm, comfy and dry this winter in the Rickshaw Waterproof X-Pac Moleskine Folio. As featured @ Uncrate Available... Read More


Project: Pocket for leather diary

Richard W. Jones from Welshpool sent photos of a pocket he made for the patent leather diary. "I made it out of material from an old shirt. It’s probably not that neat, but it serves its purpose in keeping the... Read More


Moleskine in Technology

Tom Schenk, Jr. wrote: " Lifehacker has just ran an article asking people to show their "go bags"–essentially, their technology bags. However, I couldn’t help noticing the number of Moleskine notebooks." We totally agree. Link © All rights reserved Greetings... Read More


Hints: Czech Shoulder Bag

It was the kind of find that makes our hearts here at P.O.S.H. beat faster:  a cache of unused Shoulder Bags discovered in a military supply depot in the Czech Republic.  Produced in the 1960’s as Map Bags for the... Read More


The Uniball Signo RT Gel mini Hack

"I’d purchased a 4-pack of Pilot G2 mini 0.5mm pens for pocket-ability, but found the ink bled a bit too much through the thin Moleskine pages, so I picked up a 4 pack of Uniball Signo RT Gel 0.38mm pens.... Read More


A new way to display your Moleskine

design*sponge has a post on new shelving from massie office: "calgary’s massie office will be debuting a great new modern shelving system at icff this year. the flying vee modular shelf is a fun solution to traditional shelving and allows... Read More


Moleskine-inspired background

Kinda difficult to see but you’ll know what I mean when you see it: "I always wanted a moleskine inspired background for my desktop background…" Lost in Scotland @ FLICKR. "Ruled" version. Some rights reserved. [Thanks Jake!] HAPPY PRESIDENT’S DAY!... Read More


Moleskine: A Quest For the Right Pen

Simão M has a series of posts on Moleskine-friendly pens at his blog: "One of my new year resolutions is "Learn to draw" and my favorite notebooks are Moleskines, so I thought in combining these two. I like to doodle... Read More


Moleskine-compatible pen recommendations

While the Pilot G-2’s seem to hold sway with some Moleskiners, many of you will love the Caran D’Ache Ecridor Ballpoint pens that come with the fabulous Goliath refill. I recommend the black, medium refill. Check ebay for the inexpensive... Read More