Moleskinerie Updates

You may have noticed a lack of updates here at Moleskinerie but fear not we have some very exciting updates on the way. We want to thank all of the notebook aficionados who have helped influence this blog for over... Read More


Is handwriting still alive? Discover Écriture Infinie

Do you remember that sometime ago we asked you to carefully follow us about handwriting? That is the time. We are pleased to announce you that the Écriture Infinie project has landed. And it’s amazingly beautiful! Écriture Infinie / Infinite... Read More


Roll the Dice: Print, Cut, Paste and Play

If you want to get prepared for an exciting and creative 2011, discover this little Moleskine downloadable present: the Wise and Blank Dice. The Wise is a 12-faced die showing a sentence on each face, suggesting you to perform a... Read More


Moleskine joins designers in Tokyo

Moleskine joins designers in Tokyo, during the Tokyo Designers Week, releasing a special pocket notebook with the logo of the exhibition embossed on the cover, custome made paper band and in blue stripes in the fly leaf, the symbol for... Read More


Moleskine speaks French

   In addition to Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and both simplified and traditional Chinese, now speaks French... Read More


Moleskinerie and Peanuts give-away

Hello everyone.  We would like to welcome you to the next phase of Moleskinerie. Perhaps you already heard that Armand  bid farewell a few days ago. First of all we would like to give a big thanks to Armand (and... Read More

Hello everyone.  We would like to welcome you to the next phase of Moleskinerie. Perhaps you already heard that Armand  bid farewell a few days ago. First of all we would like to give a big thanks to Armand (and please join us in doing so) for giving life to such an fascinating blog and for having created a unique way to spread your art and talent and enabling discussions about topics related to Moleskine notebooks. Without Armand none of this would have been possible.

We hope Moleskinerie will continue to be a voice for your passions, your adventures, your experiences.  A place to express your ideas as you do with your notebooks.

As you can see we have adopted another blogging platform, on which we are making the necessary changes and will soon be in full swing, in case provide any feedbacks on that.

That said, starting from today you can write us at this new email address which will be our communication channel together with the blog comments.

 How about starting with a give-away related to one of our latest products?  


peanuts490 03 thumb 490x370 9003 thumb 490x370 9004

The first 4 of you that send us the correct answers to the following questions related to the Peanuts world via email, will win one Moleskine Limited Edition: Peanuts Black Plain Large. (only via email accepted) Once we reached the number we will publish the winners here and we contact them via email (tomorrow) to mail the gifts. 


  1. Which Peanuts character became the mascot of the Apollo 10 lunar mode?
  2.  Where did the first Peanuts comic strip appear? (Name of the publication)
  3.  What nickname does Peppermint Patty use for Charlie Brown?
  4.  Who is Maynard?
  5. In which day, month and year was  the Time magazine cover featuring Peanuts?

 Good luck!

Give-away closed. Here the winners:


Farewell from Armand B. Frasco

Dear friends, It is with a sense of poignancy that I announce my departure from as it’s chief blogger today. I founded this blog almost 5 years ago and it has since become a gathering place for aficionados all over the world.... Read More


Moleskine @ Blogfest

Great news for bloggers AND Moleskine users: “For the first time, on the occasion of the 2010 edition, Moleskine customized notebooks for the BlogFest, the event which brings together every year in Italy everything revolves around online communities, blogs, Facebook,... Read More


myMoleskine Reloaded

Always popular among visitors is the myMoleskine section of the company website. They've now added even more features to make it easier to tell your friends about it. "myMoleskine is now enhanced with a bunch of different new cool features.... Read More