The Perrier Moleskine

Scott Campbell known throughout for his ink-on-skin wizardry, has shared his talents with Moleskine in these limited edition Societe Perrier notebooks. There are 10 available, to be won in a contest. Details here. Hurry, deadline's... Read More


Custom Moleskine: Haldern Pop Festival

  What started as a small town party in 1981 is now one of Europe's biggest festivals attracting thousands every year. The Pop Festival has featured such artists as Bob Geldof and Patti Smith. To celebrate this event, Moleskine has... Read More


Room with a view: The Moleskine New York office

  Always a treat to visit the Big Apple and visit old friends. Here are freshly-uploaded snaps from the NYC office of Moleskine. Personal kudos to the photographer. I love the window sunset shot!:) VIEW THE FLICKR PHOTO... Read More


Moleskine presentation at Future Concept Lab

A nice Powerpoint show from Moleskine from Future Concept Lab. Show opens with the words "proximity, sustainability, transparency, sharing, and authenticity…"  Very interesting overview of a product that has gone global without a traditional ad campaign. Audio would have been nice.... Read More


Moleskine® at Webby Awards 2010

  Moleskine® is part of the Official Honoree Selection at Webby Awards 2010. Thanks to the ideas, the creativity and the projects shared through the website is one of the 11 official honorees, selected among 10,000 entries from over... Read More


Book: “The Hand of the Designer”

 "The Hand of the Designer" is an intimate look into the creative process of the designer, and a celebration of the everlasting power of free hand sketching even in the AutoCAD® era. The general layout has the familiar look of... Read More