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Moleskine Portraits

The places we visit, the things we carry, the marks we make, the pictures we share, the ideas we capture, the tastes we savor, the gifts we choose…we make portraits with each choice and each choice makes up an ever-changing … Continue reading

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Women Create Life

Women Create Life merges contemporary art and design to increase awareness and generate resources to improve the health of women and children worldwide. It’s the artistic and social project of the World Health Organization (WHO) whose aim is to render … Continue reading

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Four Letter Words.Typography illustrations

Michael Dowell, a London-based designer, for a few months now he has  been filling up a Moleskine sketchbook he won from Creative Review with a self set brief – Illustrate four letter words using typography. The brief was a rather … Continue reading

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A carpet made by pen

This beautiful piece of art just discovered is an entire carpet made by black pen and pencils. Painstakingly detailed, it explores different ways and patterns to create a unique whole with only a simple tool. The inspiration comes from different … Continue reading

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Is handwriting still alive? Discover Écriture Infinie

Do you remember that sometime ago we asked you to carefully follow us about handwriting? That is the time. We are pleased to announce you that the Écriture Infinie project has landed. And it’s amazingly beautiful! Écriture Infinie / Infinite … Continue reading

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SMS to Paper Airplanes

Christian Groß is an interface design student, a freelance designer with a focus on typography, information architecture and interactive design and visualization. We discovered his amazing work about data visualization called SMS to Paper Airplanes. He tried to visualize the … Continue reading

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Perseid Meteor Shower aka St. Lawrence Night

Last year we told you about the St. Lawrence Night in Italy, a lot of you commented on our entry on Facebook sharing the fact that this tradition is a lot spread (Spain, France, Poland, Brazil, Mexico). This year we … Continue reading

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A face a day

A-FACE-A-DAY is a self initiated project by an Austrian art director/ illustrator based in VIENNA, Sandra Reichl. After living in VIENNA (counting 1.7 million people) for more than 10 years, A-FACE-A-DAY decided that it is time to present the beauty … Continue reading

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Uncovered Cover Art

Last week end we left you with the Urban Sketchers event and today we would like to keep on talking about sketching. We received an email from Heidi , a children’s book editor and art lover, who highlighted us the … Continue reading

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Pencil shaving art

Lately we have been talking about Art and its different way of expression. We have found the one of Kyle Bean really amazing. He is a Brighton based designer specialised in hand crafted models, set design and art direction. Here … Continue reading

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