Penmanship Fiesta!

A Moleskinerie friend wrote: "i was trying to figure out why i don’t ‘journal’ morebasically it is because  my handwriting is illegiblei prefer to type. i remembered my buddy sam’s site (beware office porn)has a whole section of penmanship... Read More


Book: American Writers at Home

As he wrote Moby-Dick, Herman Melville imagined that his study had become a whaling ship’s cabin. In pencil tracings still visible today, William Faulkner plotted the intricate webs of his fiction on his walls. In these and myriad other ways... Read More


Jeffrey Frank on Creativity in Copenhagen

Part of everything I’ve published was written in Copenhagen, and being in the old city, which lies within medieval boundary walls that no longer exist, still makes me want to get to work. Perhaps that is because so much extraordinary... Read More


R. Bean’s New Book

Moleskinerie friend R. Bean’s first book is out! "The book with a little book inside is finally ready for the world outside! It’s 7×7 + 160 full color pages. I wanted it to feel like the reader had a sketchbook... Read More


“Writer for Writers and Advanced Users”

Moleskinerie friend Dmitri Popov has a new book: The book is aimed at writers and professionals that use Writer. The book focuses on thetasks that are important for writers and professional users alike: designing a book template, getting to... Read More



"Peak is no fool. He knows when he’s being used but he also recognizes the chance for the adventure of a lifetime – and the chance to get to know his dad. So he begins his climb and starts to... Read More


Guest Essay : Pay Yourself First

When I was growing up, my mother always earned money. In Korea, she taught piano to the local children, and in America, she worked alongside my father at their small wholesale jewelry shop in Manhattan. When I married my husband,... Read More


UNBOUND: Book Repair for Booksellers

Traditionally there have been two types of book repair books, there are those books directed at the library trade, where the end goal is to prepare the book for further intense circulation, and aesthetics take a backseat to durability. The... Read More


Chocolate and Zucchini : The Book

Moleskinerie pal Clotilde Dusoulier’s book, "Chocolate and Zucchini" is coming out today. She writes: "Spring has sprung, the publication date of my cookbook is getting closer by the minute, and my book tour, too, although I can’t think too much... Read More



Lately, Sean Phillips has been drawing hordes of hungry super powered zombies and if you visit your local comic shop you’ll certainly see that, but you’ll also get a chance to see a wider variety of the critically acclaimed artist’s... Read More