The Monster Engine

Surfing through the Web you can come up with amazing things. Such as this one we found on an old post of  ”What The Cool“. That’s the Monster Engine. A book, a demonstration, lecture and a gallery exhibition. The premise for... Read More


Comic strip about the new moleskine

A cute comic strip from Zeynep Alpaslan, a writer from Istanbul.  "I write comic books, short stories and comic strips. This comic strip is called "The Writer". It's being published in Turkey in Radikal Newspaper, weekly. It' about the everyday-life of... Read More



Cartoon by A.B.F. Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved Originally posted... Read More



“Flight Volume One is a collection of comics to be released in the summer of 2004 from Image Comics. It began with a small idea to combine the work of several friends and compile them in printed form to sell... Read More