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Lost and Found: Car tires proof

This is the story about Jeff and his lost Moleskine notebook. Jeff lost his notebook, someone found it thanks to the “In case of loss” page (you can download and print for free on our MSK Templates area) that Jeff … Continue reading

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Create a Moleskine notebook custom cover

This video realized by the graphic designer, Casttro, is such a great example of how to interact with our online community commerce platform Moleskine Artist Marketplace, where artists that use Moleskine notebooks to express their creativity can customize and sell … Continue reading

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Travelling: Writing and Sketching

Taking inspiration by this video, we are thinking how your Moleskine notebook become your best companion. When you fill it with your trip “best-moments”, do you choose to write or draw to fix your memories into paper? Or better, with … Continue reading

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29 ways to stay creative

We want to leave you for the weekend, whether it’s beginning or there’s still few hours to go, with this awesome video about 29 ways to keep up your creativity. It has been realized by TO-FU design, which seems got … Continue reading

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Moleskine Tower

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to meet in occasion of “Il Salone del Mobile”. She told us about a very common practice spread all over Japan and Asia about collecting all the Moleskine notebooks that … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Serena Wu

Name: Serena Wu Website: Serena Style and Flickr Collection 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? large squared notebook (main one that I bring everywhere with me) + large sketchbook (which I keep at home) 2. How do you use … Continue reading

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If you run a website or a blog which deals with drawing, sketching, or whatever is related to Moleskine notebooks now there’s two different kind of widgets you can embed wherever you want. You may have noticed it for a … Continue reading

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Introducing: The Moleskine Artist Market Place

Creative customization of Moleskine notebooks covers is occurring spontaneously across the Web so we thought to provide a single place to exchange this creativity between Moleskine lovers.  Particularly since we received inquiries from customers around the world asking us for … Continue reading

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Moleskine needs your feedbacks

If you are interested in a new online tool that is addressed to whom is passionate about Moleskine notebooks and digital world, this is your chance to be crucial in our final decision process.  The tool is about to be … Continue reading

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An Author a month: Mariángela Aponte Núñez

After the Mexican José Luis Betancourt Castellanos we have a new artist who is coming Colombia, she is a visual artist student based in Argentina. Mariángela Aponte Núñez has been the author of the month for February 2011being the most … Continue reading

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