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What would you do with your AbracadabrApp?

To celebrate the arrival of the AbracadabrApp image mixing analog app and notebook on the Moleskine Store, we are giving away 5 copies. Shoot two-sided videos in one single shot, give your frames a coloured tint with the physical filters… … Continue reading

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Hacked Moleskine analog app

Introducing the latest Moleskine hack: the AbracadabrApp! Moleskine Reporter notebooks have been slightly altered to create an analog app which lets you record two-sided videos on your iPhone in just one shot. It also comes with three different coloured handyfilters, … Continue reading

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Author a Month – Alena Kudryashova

After inspiring our Facebook fans, Alena Kudryashova was chosen as our Author-a-Month for June. We are happy to now present you a little more information about this talented artist. Feature: Tell us a bit about yourself? I’ve been drawing for … Continue reading

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Web Finds – Urban Sketching

Moleskine has supported urban sketchers in the past and we always love to see this tradition continue! We are happy to share with you today a blog we came across about two friends meeting up to sketch their local environment: … Continue reading

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Author a Month is (finally) back!

myMoleskine “Author a month” initiative is back! You can help decide who will be the selected one for March 2012 among the three most active on myMoleskine authors View the artworks here: Martin | Macha | Nerderella Just vote on Moleskine Facebook page for one … Continue reading

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Get inspired everyday

              Once a week we’ll propose you videos or images useful for your creation process. On myMoleskine gallery for example you can find any sort of creativity in action, from drawing to sketching crossing … Continue reading

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