What goes on in a writer’s mind?

It’s well known that for many writers a Moleskine notebook is an essential tool for capturing ideas and thoughts, which may go on to become novels, articles and important texts. Most readers don’t get to see this part of the... Read More


Moleskine Detour Q&A

“A “Detour” is a different path drifting from the common, linear way. It is a free exploration that offers the possibility of getting lost in order to discover unexpected places. It’s like untangling the threads of imagination.” – Maria Sebregondi,... Read More


Detour: Shanghai

New step in the Detour journey: Shanghai. The travelling exhibition of decorated Moleskine notebooks comes to Shanghai at Bund18. From October 21th to November 20th. Discover more here: http://bit.ly/aQm0p4 Following: While sketching on his Moleskine notebook, Detour author Zhang Yuan,... Read More