Sighting: “Wanted”

  Kenneth Ballard reports a notebook sighting we have not mentioned, in a James McAvoy film: In the movie “Wanted”, in the scene where Wes is gathering items from the library for his research (about 49 minutes into the movie),... Read More


Sighting: The Bothers Bloom

Danielle tipped us off to a possible sighting in this 2008 movie. "Can't find an actual still, but it's in the movie a few times…" Visit the official movie... Read More


Sighting: “Bright Star”

Sighting sleuth Rhomany sent in another report. Thanks!!  "I'm not 100% sure because it's such a quick glimpse, but in the new Bright Star video around 00:49, that appears to be a small plain Moleskine notebook she's drawing in.." Visit... Read More


Sighting: “Push”

From Moleskinerie pal Alexandra Burge: "In the movie "Push", which is about psychics. The "Pop Girl", who is a watcher, and sees into the future, uses a gridded pocket moleskine to keep all her drawings in that she sees of... Read More


Sighting: “Bones”

Kalila Borden reports: "I just saw the charred remains of a Moleskine on tonight’s episode of "Bones."  If you look carefully, you can see the elastic band hanging off to the side…" Related: "Bones" Official Website This reminds me of... Read More


Sighting: “Emotional Arithmetic”

  Moleskinerie friend John Gamber shares a recent notebook sighting with us: "Emotional Arithmetic focuses primarily on three people who formed a bond in the Drancy internment camp, where they were imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II: Jakob... Read More


Movie: The Watercolorist

  From Perú, a new film by director Daniel Ró: "T, a clerk, wishes to fulfill his grand dream of painting a watercolor but is thwarted by his neighbors, for whom T’s dream seems trifle, something impractical, even immoral and... Read More


Environment: FLOW

You leave the theater thirsty. "Irena Salina’s award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century – The World Water Crisis. Salina builds a case against the growing privatization of the... Read More


Sighting: “The Prestige”

Over the weekend I finally watched the DVD of The Prestige (2006). The story revolves around two competing magicians, much of it around their journals that contain their secrets. Great movie, highly recommended. Chris M. "The Prestige"Movie linkIMDB... Read More