Movie Notebook

Lani Teshima and Donald Friedman alerted us about Daniel Day-Lewis’ notebook in "There Will Be Blood": There are little peeks at what looks like a pocket-sized notebook, but there is a scene where Day-Lewis’s character is in a meeting with... Read More


Sightings: “Cronicas”

Another Moleskine cameo tip from Jesús Fernández Álvarez: "The reporter (John Leguizamo) from "Cronicas" uses a Moleskine as well." Movie... Read More


Independent film “Helvetica”

If you haven’t seen Helvetica yet: The film features on-camera interviews with such type design giants such as: Wim Crouwel, Herman Zapf, Erik Spiekermann and Massimo Vignelli to name but a few.  However, the film goes much further: It is... Read More


Recent Movie Sightings

Dave Bullock alerted us to a familiar notebook in this movie. Movie link Visit his blog. Also, Lani Teshima and Donald Friedman alerted us about Daniel Day-Lewis’ notebook in "There Will Be Blood": There are little peeks at what looks... Read More


A pocket notebook in The Palm Beach Story

Moleskinerie friend Michael Leddy has discovered another gem: "John D. Hackensacker III (Rudy Vallee) is buying clothes for Geraldine "Gerry" Jeffers (Claudette Colbert). Why? Because Gerry has no clothes, because she left her suitcase, or so she says, in the... Read More


Sightings: “Shine a Light”

Reader Peggy A. writes:  "In the trailer for the new Scorsese documentary about the Rolling Stones, Shine a Light, it looks like Mick is using a Moleskine in one scene…." Official Movie Site... Read More


Red-headed woman with reporter’s notebook

Red-Headed Woman (dir. Jack Conway, 1932) is another pre-Code film. The plot is similar to that of Baby Face: an enterprising woman (here without guidance from a Nietzsche-espousing cobbler) sleeps her way to the top in Renwood, Ohio, and then... Read More


I’m Not There

The jury is still way out about Todd Haynes new faux Dylan bio-pic “I’m Not There”. Admittedly, on a torn piece of paper from a Moleskine, it’s an amazing concept, though lots yet to be revealed. The NY Times the... Read More


The Boy Wizard’s Notebook

"It’s changing out there. There’s a storm coming, Harry, just like the last time. " Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Image: © ABF……………………………….. Elsewhere in the world of the muggles, specifically New York:WEDNESDAY, JULY 11: Min Jin Lee,... Read More

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Pocket notebook sighting

From Robert Bresson’s 1951 film Diary of a Country Priest (Journal d’un curé de campagne). Here the unnamed protagonist, the priest of Ambricourt (played by Claude Laydu), holds a pocket notebook. He is often shown writing with a dip pen... Read More