Sighting: “Running with Scissors”

Screen capture of the trailer for the new film, Running With Scissors, which features Brian Cox as a psychiatrist taking notes in what appears to be a Moleskine notebook. Cinemafia @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR"Running with Scissors" Official... Read More


Scoop on Scoop

"Scoop: Focus Features is sending out a pretty high class promo item for their Woody Allen flick "Scoop" opening today. Embossed moleskine notebooks, the kind the likes of Hemingway and Picasso used, have been handed out to media and press... Read More


Recent Sightings Round Up

"I saw the new "The Omen" yesterday and noticed that the priest’s diary is a moleskine and it appears to be a daily large format diary.  It’s clearly visible in the scene where the photographer takes the ambassador down to... Read More


Sightings: Da Vinci Code?

Here’s a follow up to our earlier post on Da Vinci Code: View larger images by cinemafia on Moleskinerie/FLICKRHere and here.Join the GoogleGroups discussion © 2006 Sony Pictures Digital Inc. All Rights... Read More


Moleskine in Da Vinci Code?

© 2006 Sony Pictures Digital Inc. All Rights Reserved "This may be old news …. but things take a while to reach us down under! Saw The Davinci Code this evening. In the opening scenes, Tom Hanks isshown making a... Read More


Sketching Adventure

Director Wolfgang Petersen talks about shooting a scene in the film "Poseidon Adventure." Note the storyboards. The New York Times [Registration... Read More


Soy Andina

"The dazzling story of two New York women raised in different worlds — an immigrant folk dancer from the Andes, and a modern dancer from Queens, NY — who journey to Peru in search of roots and dance. After 15... Read More


The Boy Wizard’s Notebook

"Soon we must all face the choice between what is right… and what is easy." Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Image: ABF @... Read More