“We start by digging a hole down to the water table. (If you dig too far from the shoreline you will probably have to dig a very deep hole… too close and you might get wiped out by waves or... Read More



“Christmas is over now. The kids have played with all the toys, they’re full of sugar, restive, grumpy. Grandpa is hung-over, grandma has run out of kindliness, Mom has post-traumatic hostess stress. Dad put on seven pounds and he is... Read More



Nexus 5-Pack packs a punch “A mellow train in light winds, the 5-Pack pulls like a truck when the wind picks up. If you’re feeling the need to put on a show, add the 50-ft. polyethylene tails for a traffic-stopping... Read More


Phriday Phrog: Ribbet! Ribbet!

Hydrophobia The Little Frog Who Can’t Swim @ Orisinal Talk like a frog! @ ZeFrank To view FROG you need the latest version of the Flash plugin as well as a built in or external mic on your computer that... Read More


None of my toys are for sale!

“The Detectolab! sold through Radio Shack in the 1970s (or early 1980s) was indeed a cool toy and this copy is still mint/shrinkwrapped, though the “Secret Ink” ran out of the bottle onto some other pieces in the kit.” “A... Read More


How grammatically sound are you?

“#1. Johnny __________ around the house while his parents were out. snuck snucked sneaked had sneaken snook #2. The puppy __________ is without a home has just been sold. which , which that , that who #3. __________ the books... Read More


The Rigging Of A Ship

34. chisel-nits 35. frelts 36. cusksnags 37. claut-snells 38. cleep-sturs 39. clap-slumbers 40. divots 41. chaffle-stays 42. crabhooks 43. clog-hauls 44. crap-hallyards 45. crud-claws 46. slirne-binkles 47. cleeg-newts 48. jig-bludgeon 49. flacks 50. bunnage… “The Rigging Of A Ship” A... Read More