“Utilizing the now famous Fate bumblebee vibrating wing effect, the Fate Torpedo flies in defiance of contemporary science’s understanding of aerodynamics. Powered by superheated steam from the patented Fate flash boiler, the Fate Aerial Torpedo is capable of flight speeds... Read More


Walking Things

“Walking Things is an environment that generates small, walking computational organisms. Each walking thing is built up from totally random conditions. Appearance, behavior, and walking characteristics are all assigned from a range enabling effective, functional mobility.” Play! Levitated Note: Flash... Read More


“Cold Tracks”

01 28 04/ 1.06 P.M. C.S.T. Found items, roadside rest stop somewhere in the U.S. Midwest. What happened here? The best explanation to this mystery (in 500 words or less) wins a copy of “Everyday Matters”, specially autographed for Moleskinerie... Read More