The Vanishing Craft of the Typewriter Repairman

Margot Adler interviewed a typewriter repairman in New York City for NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday: "Some people still write with fountain pens. Some still love their old manual and electric typewriters. But typewriter repairmen are a vanishing breed. Up on... Read More


Jefferson Moses’ Diaries

"The diary was presented to Jefferson Moses by his father when he was home on furlough in September,   1863. His initial entries were irregular but starting on October 16, he seldom   missed a day until his discharge in June, 1865.... Read More


The Real Da Vinci Code

"MILAN, Italy — The Codex Trivulzianus, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s oldest notebooks, is out from under lock and key, offering the world a rare look into the mind of a genius. Normally hidden away in a library at Sforzesco... Read More


“Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906”

      San Francisco – On Thursday, February 9, 2006, the California Historical Society opens its earthshaking centennial exhibit, Jack London and the Great Earthquake and Firestorms of 1906, guest curated by author and historian, Philip L. Fradkin, (The Great... Read More


The Journals Lewis and Clark

"A windy day, fair and clear. Many of the Gros Ventres- or Big Bellies-and Wetersoons came to see us and hear the council. The wind being so violently hard from the S.W. prevented our going into council. Indeed the chiefs... Read More


Gandhi’s 11 Vows

Ahimsa – NonviolenceSatya – TruthAsteya – Non StealingBrahmacharya – Self DisciplineAparigraha – Non-PossessionSharirshrama – Bread LaborAswada – Control of the PalateSarvatra – Bhayavarjana – FearlessnessSarva Dharma Samantva – Equality of All ReligionsSwadeshi – Use Locally Made GoodsSparshbhavana – Remove Untouchability... Read More


Prompt: The Blizzard, hurricane and other lamps

"The Dietz Blizzard was first introduced as early as 1898, and is one of only three lanterns that has remained in continuous production for over 100 years.  (The other two are the Junior and Monarch.)  There are at least five... Read More


Letter Writing in Renaissance England

‘Wit’s Interpreter’ John Cotgrave’s Wit’s Interpreter, published in London in 1655, includes a section on forming ciphers and making invisible ink. A new exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., offers a glimpse at correspondences four centuries old.... Read More