In Search of the Classics

"Hi. I am a loyal Moleskine user and a frequent reader of your site…. I am also a former gadget geek. I thought I always needed the most recent PDA, and planning application to meet all my needs. I threw... Read More


Ola! España!

"i don’t want to use the word fan…i’m an user of moleskine notebooks, that’s all… puff!! hello, again, I’m abraham morcillo from barcelona+catalunya+españa...and the last week I finish my firstmoleskine….but don’t think that was a work of one months…192 pages... Read More


Dervala Writes

“Moleskinerie is a journal devoted to these fetish notebooks and the jottings they invite. This is the kind of nonsense I can really get behind. I filled four of the large, lined Moleskines with travel notes last year, used a... Read More


Mail Call

Mollies love to write. Here are excerpts from emails we got and postings from their own websites. Thanks everyone for spreading the word. Note: Michaelangelo reproduction letter from the Fabriano Museo della Carta e della Filigrana … “… a new... Read More