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Not-Books templates, for unique Moleskine page layouts

How many people do you know, whose handwriting matches yours perfectly? Probably none. Handwriting is among the most personal traits in each of us, as unique as finger prints. So why only choose between a few kinds of different page … Continue reading

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Last minute new year resolutions

New free downloadable templates to be filled with your resolutions are now available in three different layouts. Choose your favorite and share with us! Is there something you want to change in your life? Something you want to do and … Continue reading

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A new Moleskine Bookmark

The very first time we talked about bookmarks has been during the launch of the Cover Art Collection. Today we are proud to show you a new version of the Moleskine bookmark, that will be complementary to the previous one. … Continue reading

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Moleskine Messenger Bag template

We prepared a little gift for you. After the Wise Dice, the M.Use box, the Bookmarks and “Do not disturb” sign, here a new paper toy from Moleskine for you to download. It’s the Moleskine messenger bag template,  a nice … Continue reading

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Horizontal Planning Templates for 2012

Months are running really fast this year… Just 3 left and 2012 will welcome us. And surely you have something to already plan for the next year. So…Horizontal Planning Template 2012 are available for download as MSK Templates. Click here … Continue reading

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The New MSK is here!!!

Have you ever wanted a digital notebook where to fill all your digital content? Here you are the new MSK format. The MSK 2 is the natural evolution of the MSK as you know it. Can’t wait to play with … Continue reading

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Italy 150th Anniversary

On 17 March 1861 the process of Italy unification was completed and Turin became the first capital city of Italy. Rome, then,  became the third and final capital city, in 1871. Tomorrow, in the entire Italian peninsula, there will be … Continue reading

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Cognac Passion with Rémy Martin

As we did in the past with the current Passion Journals collection, in the myMoleskine/MSK area you now can donwload and test an online exclusive Cognac Passions MSK template, created for a special edition notebook for one of the most … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving day. A special day to be thankful and do something together with your loved ones. Take advantage of that and have a walk discovering your beautiful city. Our special gift for the day: thanks to Chronicle Books … Continue reading

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