Drums Of Passion

Blank notebook? Here’s music to open ears, increase pulse rate and stir your passion: Photo: Jay Blakesberg "Legacy Recordings is proud to announce the re-release of the groundbreaking debut from Babatunde Olatunji — Drums of Passion — an artist and... Read More


“One World, One Kid”

"When Skyler Pia’s friend Erik was very ill, Skyler thought music might cheer him up. Even at 6, Skyler knew music can be good medicine. After all, music had always made him feel good. Surely it would work for Erik.... Read More


“Journal Burning Party”

“well the party’s no fun if you’re not drinking and the bar is no fun if you’re flyin’ straight sittin’ in the corner with a pen and paper like a journalist with a deadline date. got an old suitcase full... Read More


Care for Caruso?

"A big chest, a big mouth, 90 percent memory, 10 percent intelligence, lots of hard work, and something in the heart." Enrico Caruso The Collected Works of CarusoMP3 @ Archive.org... Read More


Rebekka Bakken

"”The ”art of how to fall” is the art of how to fall in love, as in the song”, explains Rebekka Bakken of the title of the album. ”But it is also very much the art of letting go. Not... Read More


Ipod: the New Wedding DJ

  "Wedding music, without the dumb jokes and cheap suits… More and more budget conscious brides and grooms are cutting costs of expensive weddings by forgoing the traditional wedding DJ and master of ceremonies, and instead using an Apple iPod... Read More



Ok Go "is like a boy band that got seduced by Queen and wound up in college instead of Orlando." Ira Glass Watch: "A Million Ways" [QT] Official... Read More


Write Music: White Moth

Whitemoth is the pseudonym by which I compose and perform ambient, experimental, and new age music. Shikantaza  is the first cohesive recording that I am making available, and it is yours at no charge. It was designed as a guided... Read More


Frances Mai-Ling

"In the world of music with guitar driven angst, somewhere floating in the air, are the soaring piano scores of a pianist that touches your inner emotions. "Frances Mai-Ling has the ability to create hauntingly beautiful and vibrantly wonderful music.... Read More


Elegant Halloween mood music

Selections from their acclaimed score to F.W. Murnau’s 1922 vampire classic “Nosferatu,” conjuring up creeping shadows and gorgeously sinister landscapes with hints at Satie, Debussy, Tom Waits and Bernard Herrmann. Elegant Halloween mood music. Into the Land of Phantoms Jill... Read More