Moleskine in Africa

  Matt Reimer shared a post from his blog on a customized Moleskine "ruggedized" for his part of the world. A cloth cover, a pen holder, an SD wallet comprises the add-ons. As they say, "just add adventure." Thanks Matt!... Read More


Kydex Moleskine Cover

Jeff wrote us about a range of protective cases he made for notebooks, including Moleskine.   I am a graphic artist and designer of Kydex products for Tactical, Survival and everyday use. I use my Moleskine as a sketch training tool and... Read More


Tim Baynes: Moleskine to monoprint

  In London in October there is an exhibition Journeys by Tim Baynes (21 October – 14 November 2010) It represents unique view of cities across the world. The idea was born through six years of Tim Baynes’ far-flung business... Read More


Robopop, home from NY

Illustrator Robert Scholten is back in Australia after a trip to NY and posted a couple of snaps from his notebook. "New York is an amazing place, and I still find myself missing the addictive energy. At the same time,... Read More


Project: Moleskine Diary/Sketchbook Combo

Patrick Ng just did something drastic and good – a combo Moleskine Diary/Sketchbook in Leather Cover: "The day I decided to use the Moleskine 18 months weekly diary from July I knew I would have problem pulling out what I... Read More


Inspiration: Trevor Henry

  Interesting photos of Toronto-based designer Trevor Henry's sketchbooks at Creative Overflow. When there is morphing involved things are bound to get fantastic.  "I've always loved to draw, and not a day goes by when I don't put down atleast... Read More


Mt. Hood Moleskine Journal Notes

  Photographer and traveler Erik Gauger shares his latest mementos from a trek to Mt. Hood. Lately I've been using my Moleskine to collect items I find in the field. It's a great way to identify species and collect a... Read More


Cow Portrait

  James Gurney, author of Dinotopia and Imaginative Realism shared this link with us. "Here's a post on my blog GurneyJourney featuring my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook in a close-up portrait of a cow." I've never been more thrilled, especially when... Read More


Inspiration: Amy Nortman

Amy Nortman's concept of how Moleskine products would live within the world of adverts and billboards, meant to provide aspiration to the inspired soul. I love the piano Moleskine:)... Read More