Andrea Joseph: from start to finish

  Andrea Joseph, known for her extremely detailed sketches shares one of her latest creations, and shows how she did it from start to finish. “Unbelievably, people sometimes ask how I me how I make my drawings. Here’s a little... Read More


Update: Moly_x_35

  Latest from the cyptic-sounding but totally cool Moly_x35_, a traveling Moleskine online group, this black dragon. “Black gouache , ink and gold ink for letters and stamp. Text is based on Voynich manuscript , a very old book catalogated... Read More


Boarding Pass Redesign

  A graphic artist redesigned airline boarding passes. He sketched the rough idea on his Moleskine. “So I took out my Moleskine and started sketching. I tried to remember my previous trip through John F. Kennedy Airport and when and... Read More


Moleskine “Passports”

Whimsical faux passports by Audrey at Bear Ears. An earlier project was the NZ version. Cute! More at Bear Ears ©2010 Audrey  ... Read More


My Moleskine: A Book Journal

 Drunk Literature is Rebecca's personal book and thought blog, loosely focused on discussing literatures of intoxication. She recently posted about her Moleskine notebooks. Here's a snip: "So, I forget things.  Lots of things.  Where I put my keys.  What I ate... Read More


Sharing Your Stories: Sister to Sister

We recently discovered a wonderful site run by Laurie called Plannerisms. Within the trading of tweets, Laurie shared a great story about her sister Sandy and how they gifted each other a Moleskine notebook; filled with stories about their childhood memories of each other. Laurie and... Read More


“What is Red for you?”

Kerstin Klein wrote with an idea: "I bought myself a wonderful Moleskine Daily Planner for the year 2010. Starting with January 1, 2010 I want to post one page of the planner daily. If you have any spontaneous ideas concerning the color... Read More


Style Simple Way: A People Diary

  Melissa Madden, whose blog, "style simple way" we featured earlier suggest starting the year with a people diary: "My new years’ resolution in 2009 is to record all the new people I meet in a diary. To date, I... Read More



Norman Hills brought this piece by edgar-t on Deviant Art: " Nyktos by ~edgar-t is sensational in every way, rivetting for its potent display of textures and broad, fearless brushstrokes, blooming with life and cosmic beauty…." Look closer. Even more works... Read More