A Moleskine Wedding guestbook

A friend sent us this link to a Moleskine notebook re-purposed as a wedding guest book. The bride “090909bride,” wrote: ” It is not an Italian tradition to have a guest book at a wedding, but we really loved the idea of... Read More


The notebooks of Nigel Newhook

Nigel Newhook is an Illustration and Photography BA student from the United Kingdom and works primarily in a Moleskine. "These are some extracts from my current sketchbook, some form the basis for a brief taking inspiration from a Franz Kafka short... Read More


Robowhat in Japan

 Last of Australian artist Robert Scholten's uploads from his sketches on a recent trip to Japan. A bittersweet note: "This batch actually marked the start of a new book. One of my aims with this book is to make more... Read More


Moleskine in Honduras

Moleskine snaps from Central America via John in Nashville. Thanks!! "I was in Honduras this week during the elections, and went up into the mountains to visit a family and take them some food. They gave me a cup of hot... Read More


News sketches from Robowhat

The latest sketches from Robert Scholten, an artist in Melbourne, Australia after a recent trip to Japan. Interesting use of different elements in the sketches on this batch, including stamps and lots of ink. About the scan above, he writes:... Read More


Eternal love, or glitter.

We stumbled upon this quaint post by Victoria Hart, on her new Moleskine. Here's a snip. "I’m afraid it’s probably quite a letdown – I’m no art student, and my Moleskine isn’t a place for me to show off some... Read More


One Week: A Visual Journal

Neat project by Dee Wilcox at Creative Perch. "My husband helped me create this little video of my Moleskine project in which I attempted to visually journal an entire week. It was a lot of fun and definitely helped me... Read More


Out with the old

Fall is a poignant time for many, finishing one notebook and moving on to another makes it even more so for some. Dave shares his thoughts. "…It's time to retire one notebook and christen another. It's a bit odd, I'm... Read More


This might as well be Discovery Monday on Moleskinerie. The blog "These Curious Days" traces the beginning of a love affair with Moleskine at a place called "Paper Tiger".. "I’ve been perfectly content with it through the years. Though most... Read More


Found: “It’s Funny Because It’s True”

We wish we could have discovered the blog of award-winning illustrator Jason Seiler at a more cheerful time (this is a post on a recent trip to New York to visit an uncle stricken with cancer). His art inspires and... Read More