The Hand Written Letter Project

We often talked about handwriting in the past and since we consider it more than just a way to communicate, we keep on exploring this involving field that not only can improve idea composition and expression but also aid fine... Read More


The Brand Namer

Have you ever came up with something in your life that needed a name? A dog, a cat, an online avatar,  a website, the name of your company… Pretty hard, huh? Hours spent leafing pages of books or dictionary trying... Read More


How Twitter made handwriting cool

Images courtesy of Also this week a nice article appearead on Telegraph about how much handwriting is still cool. Must read! (here the one from WSJ of last week) In an age dominated by the dizzying proliferation of digital... Read More


How Handwriting Trains the Brain

Nice article by Wall Street Journal about how handwriting trains the brain. What do you think? Is that right or not? Researchers are finding that writing by hand is more than just a way to communicate. The practice helps with... Read More


Moleskine stars in “Stacked Up”

Dear friend Lauren Cerand shared with us the latest episode of Stacked Up, the online show where authors discuss their most treasured books. Diana Balmori, author of A Landscape Manifesto, includes the Moleskine notebooks she illustrates while travelling among her chosen few. ... Read More


McGill Daily on Moleskine

Analysis at McGill Daily of how that little black notebook became so popular.  At its most basic psychology, then, choosing Moleskines over generic brands can be considered another way of telling ourselves that it’s all going to work out okay.... Read More


Karl Rove comments

 “I have never before been in a group that was so obviously and clearly pretentious,” he said at the start of his speech. “Do you know how I knew it was pretentious? Moleskines!” he said leaning over to the table... Read More


Advise needed on Fisher Space Pen

Anybody out there who can help out? "I've been using moleskines since high school, and I'm going into the archival field after graduate school. Currently, I use a Fisher Space Pen and love the way it writes–especially on a moleskine.... Read More


Sighting: Notebook of the Generals.

Peggy Allen sent in a couple of recent notebook sightings in the news. Above, Lt. General Stanley McChrystal seems to be carrying a Moleskine in this picture. (Via Army Images) and below is a screengrab from the raw AP footage... Read More


ISO: Moleskine, passport wallet

  Ryan sent this query for that One Wallet To Hold Them All: "I'm very much not into clutter. I like simple things and I really like Moleskines. I'm searching for a passport wallet that will also hold a Moleskine... Read More