ISO: A tear-out notebook

  Joe sent us this query. I'm posting it for your additional input. "I wonder if you could help me. My daughter (age 13, and an accomplished artist) wants a notebook "just like mine" (unruled Moleskine Pocket) except with tear-out... Read More


They smell!

  An impassioned plea from Ernie Resillez: "Look guys I am a huge Moleskine fan…huge. I have the pocket and the regular size. I have filled over 30 of the, they have been backpacking, Washington, Disney lots of places I... Read More


Storage option: Paper

Friend Johnny Gamber tipped us off to this excellent piece by Daniel Rutter at Dan’s Data. “I just spent a while playing with an unusual data storage option. That unusual storage option is… paper. But not paper with boring old... Read More


Review: Rickshaw Bags Moleskine Folio

"Adventure Life" has a review of Rickshaw's Moleskine Folio. Steve  Casimiro writes: "Without a doubt, the folio changes the minimalist Moleskine experience, but you’re richer for it. On a recent trip to Europe, I always knew where my passport was, always... Read More



The pronunciation of the world "Moleskine' can be quite a challenge, as the word is uttered uniquely by the individual rather than a group. Here is our take on how the word sounds, but we would like to hear it... Read More


A penne for your thoughts

Scription's Patrick Ng has compiled a bunch of recipes into a Moleskine Passion recipe journal and wants to know your opinion: " I would like to ask for your comments about whether this 'system' is anything good for you.  Is... Read More


Facebook Fun

We decided to pose the question "Which Passions Journal are YOU?" on Facebook, just to see what the consensus is. Do Moleskine fans who are social media savvy lean more towards Music, Film? Or do we all take comfort in... Read More


“Should We Just Get Rid of Handwriting?”

  An article by Anne Trubek, an associate professor at Oberlin College supposes that handwriting is on the way out. " It will take a long time for handwriting to die, for us to have the interview with the "last... Read More


Survey: Paper or digital?

Today's Interact page at Treehugger ask readers which planners they're using; paper or digital: "…Readers were outraged, suggesting that "You will have to take my Moleskin from my cold dead hands. Some things need permanence." And while some have a... Read More