Moleskine + Fountain Pen

Looks like J. Herbin's "La Couronne du Comte" plays well with Moleskine, per Inkyjournal's review: "tried this color in my Montblanc 146 and my Pelikan M1000. In both pens the ink writes smoothly. With great flow and no hesitating. Drying... Read More


Digital Moleskine?

We received multiple alerts on this, supposed details of the "Courier," Microsoft's new tablet computer. "Reportedly, the device will also feature a built-in camera, Wi-Fi capability, and a hinge in the middle of the two side by side 7 inch... Read More


OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is "Creative Libation"    What is your favorite beverage to bring to the writing desk, a sketching... Read More


Right Pen for Moleskine?

The Pen Addicts recommends Top 5 Pens Off The Store Shelf "2. Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Black or Blue The granddaddy of all needle tip pens. It may not be the first, and it may not be the oldest,... Read More


The Beauty of it All…

By Che Moleman I haven't really seen anyone else talk about this or even bring this up, so I figured I'd start it. I think I have finally found why the Moleskine® notebooks are just so damn appealing. They are... Read More


My Hero, Johnny Long

A tip from Joel Anderson: "Here's something I think is very cool – Johnny Long, security expert and author of Google Hacking (and more) has relocated to Africa and is blogging his journey via (what appears to be) a Moleskine... Read More


Moleskine: An Affair to Remember

Elviza Michele Kamal is a lawyer by profession and “a struggling writer at heart.” She emailed us with a link to a recent article in a local newspaper, Malay Mail where she wrote about her “love affairs bordering on chronic obsession with Moleskine…”... Read More


Moleskine in ‘Pinas

Bradley Farless, who describes himself as an "American blogging about life in Singapore and the Philippines" shared his thoughts on his recent purchase: "…yesterday, my wife and I bought each other one each, as gifts.  The one I got for... Read More